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Monks Meadery Monks Mead

Starting with their standard Monks Mead then trying five mead variations with adjuncts ranging from hibiscus to hops and flavors like butterscotch, vanilla and peach tea, we went from novice to expert in our knowledge and appreciation of mead. We review six meads from Monks Meadery, including two recognized at the international competitive level.

New Realm Wooded Reserver Barrel Aged Beer

We tried three-fifths of the 2019 Wooded Reserve barrel aged series from New Realm Brewing. This included a Russian imperial stout and two variations of a reserve Belgian quad aged in bourbon barrels (Vol. 4) or rum barrels (Vol. 5) for 9 months. Here's a brief description and review of each.

Fruh Kolsch Germany

A short story about how a trip to Germany opened my eyes to wonders of local beers, expanded my horizons beyond IPAs and introduced me to the fresh hopped brews like a Kölsch, which are best brewed and enjoyed locally.