Georgia Distilleries

The Peach State is home to twenty (20) craft spirit or liquor distilleries. This ranges from Georgia moonshine to aged whiskeys, vodka, rum, gin and more. There are six (6) distilleries in North Georgia, four (4) in Altanta Inside the Perimeter (ITP), two (2) in the Atlanta suburb OTP region, four (4) in West Georgia and two (2) each in East and South East Georgia regions.

What types of spirits do they distill?  |R| Rum, |V| Vodka, |W| Whiskey |M| Moonshine/ Unaged Whiskey, |G| Gin, |B| Brandy, |A| Absinthe


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Georgia Distilleries

Distillery Spirits City Region More
ASW Distillery W, B Atlanta Atlanta ITP
Dalton Distillery W, V Dalton North Georgia

Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery M Dawsonville North Georgia
Distillery of Modern Art W, V, G Chamblee Atlanta ITP

Distillery Spirits City Region More
Ghost Coast Distillery W, V, R, G
Savannah South East Georgia
Grandaddy Mimms Moonshine Distillery M Blairsville North Georgia

Hope Springs Distillery V, G, A Liburn Atlanta OTP
Independent Distilling Co. R, W Decatur Atlanta ITP

Distillery Spirits City Region More
Lazy Guy Distillery W, G Kennesaw Atlanta OTP
Lovell Brothers Whiskey W Mt. Airy North Georgia

Moonrise Distillery W, V, G, B Clayton North Georgia
Old 4th Distillery W, V, G Atlanta Atlanta ITP

Distillery Spirits City Region More
R.M. Rose & Co. Distillers W
Dillard North Georgia
Richland Distilling Co. R Richland West Georgia

Savannah Bourbon Co. W Savannah South East Georgia
Still Pond Distillery W, M, G, V, B Arlington South Georgia  

Distillery Spirits City Region More
Swamp Fox Distilling Co. W, M Buena Vista West Georgia
Thirteenth Colony Distilleries W, V, G Americus West Georgia

Wild Creek Distillery M Pelham South Georgia
Wild Leap V LaGrange West Georgia